Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Another Neighborhood Feast

Made it back to Neighborhood for the first time this year in late June with a slightly bigger group. Chef David was there, and the restaurant was packed even during the early seating which started when most normal people were in office. 

We ended up with a bespoke menu of mainly seafood. But before that, we began with pate topped with shaved black truffles and cold cuts, went perfectly well with the sourdough bread. "Night Fragrant Flower" is something commonly found in local markets during summer time, and Chef David turned that into the classic Fritti along with sweetfish (a.k.a. Ayu in Japanese). It makes great appetizers with the slightly crunchy texture and plenty of flavor. 

The seasonal theme continued with grilled whole abalone topped with baby cucumbers with flowers. I thought the abalone was a tad bit too firm, but it was delicious. Next was another salad, with grilled padron peppers with cured sardine fillets, something so simple and straight forward but so good. 

I saw the baby squids served on a sizzling pan with amazing aroma just as I walked into the restaurant, and I am glad we had that for our table as well. Excellent, tender soft and almost creamy texture, and the oil, garlic and parsley added to the flavor.  

I don't remember the last time we had Chef David's bouillabaisse, and wow, it's as good as I remembered, this time served with mussels and girolle mushrooms. Our only non-seafood course came in the form of sliced Australian wagyu loin, cooked rare and served with a simple cherry salad. The beef was outstanding, but the star was actually the potato side, double-fried with duck fat with the crispiest crust.

And that's only one of the two substantial courses that we had. After a while, a giant garoupa fish head was brought to our table and shown to us, before the bones were removed and served in a giant pan of rice along with other bits of fish, sakura shrimps, vegetables (choisum and bak choy) and sea urchins, plus the seafood broth. Seems like a random compilation of seafood in a dish inspired by Shanghainese brothy rice, but it was amazingly good. 

Would have skipped dessert with all these food, but then I pre-ordered the chocolate cake so we got that plus the canele to finish our meal with. Went around with 3 bottles, moving from champagne then white then red, and all more than decent and worked naturally well with the dishes served. 

When? June 28 2021
Where? Neighborhood, 61 Hollywood Road Back Side, Central, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Chef's David's Bouillabaisse
2010 Champagne Dom Perignon Brut
2017 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte "Le Petit Haut Lafitte"
1989 Chateau Gruaud Larose

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