Sunday, July 11, 2021

Dinner Downstairs

Highlight of our weekend stay at The Eaton was certainly the dinner at Yat Tung Heen, their Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in Cantonese dishes. We always have a good time eating here, and this time was no exception. The only difference was this time around we only needed to hop a few level down from our room to eat. 

It's a pity with only two of us we couldn't have as many dishes as we wanted, but we did end up with a nice combination of their classic signature dishes along with a few new ones. The Char Siu and Chilled Cherry Tomatoes were the two dishes we order almost every single time. The Char Siu/Barbecued Pork was prepared using local pork loin. It's served in generous portion and I love the fatty cut along with the slightly charred crust (with finishing done by a blow-torch), roasted with the slightly sweet honey glaze. 

The cherry tomatoes was another of their signature dish, soaked in the sweet and tangy preserved plum juice and laid out like a bunch of grapes on a plate and served chilled. The chilled abalone was one of their special dishes for the summer season. I love them tender with a bouncy texture, but probably could have stayed longer in the Chinese Hua Diao wine marinate for a richer flavor. 

We went on with a couple casserole dishes, including the silver-cod fillet with onion, ginger and the mild preserved bean-curd paste (nam yu), plus the lettuce with local shrimp paste (from Tai O). Both sizzling hot when they arrived at our table, and with rich flavor from the two different sauces used.

I wish I got room for more desserts, but with the two of us, we could only manage the chilled mango glutinous rice rolls to wrap up a nice, comfortable dinner. 

When? June 5 2021
Where? Yat Tung Heen, Level B2, The Eaton Hong Kong, 380 Nathan Road, Hong Kong
Menu Highlights? Roast Barbecued Pork

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