Friday, June 5, 2020

Club at the Top

One of the places we spent quite a bit of time at The Rosewood Hong Kong during our staycation weekend was the Manor Club, their version of the Executive Lounge. Taking up half of the top floor on Level 40, the lounge unarguably offered the best view from its terrace that stretches the harbor-side. No wonder it did feel like half of the hotel guests were there hanging out at the terrace to watch the sunset.

Of course, there's much more than the view to show forth. The lounge is available to those staying at the club level or suites, or for those who paid extra for access (which we did). The room was spacious and well-designed, following the same theme as combining luxury and comfort - I especially love the couches by the window offering the perfect spot to just lie back with a book or newspaper with drinks in hand. On one end towards the back was the bar which was staffed during evening happy hour top handle all drinks orders from guests and also a game room (for the grown-ups) equipped with a pool table.

A decent food and drink menu was available from late morning til night - I lost track of how many glasses of champagne we were poured. Another highlight was their afternoon tea offering, with the array of usual savory and sweet items from the Butterfly Patisserie downstairs was brought to us. The afternoon tea at the hotel was said to be one of the most popular (and best) in town and having Manor Club access gave us the privilege of enjoying it in a more comfortable surroundings, though it also means with many trying to do the same the lounge became quite crowded during weekend afternoon and they seemed to get short-handed from time to time. But at least we could tell they tried their best to cope. It's also a pity that they suspended the breakfast service at the lounge for the time being, which would have been another excellent perk to have.

Those would be my only complaints. And at any other time when the afternoon tea crowd dispersed the place was cozy and nice and the team was right on top of things, whether that be keeping our glass full or bringing us snacks or handling special requests that we had. It's definitely one of the better executive lounges we have been and well worth the extra even if it's not included in the original rate.

When? May 15 2020
Where? The Rosewood Hong Kong, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong

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